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Miss Earth Pacifica – Fiji, Samoa & Tonga Representatives to Miss Earth 2014

Miss Earth Pacifica
Miss Earth Pacifica. From left: Zoe McCraken – Miss Earth Fiji 2014, Natasha Westropp – Miss Earth Samoa 2014 & Sicilia Makisi – Miss Earth Tonga 2014.

Meet the three girls from Miss Earth Pacific who aim to bring attention to environmental issues in the Pacific. They will represent the islands of Samoa, Tonga and Fiji in the upcoming Miss Earth pageant in November 2014.

Zoe McCraken - Miss Earth Fiji 2014
18-year-old Zoe McCraken is Miss Earth Fiji 2014. She is a law student. She stands 5’7″. 

Natasha Westropp - Miss Earth Samoa 2014
Natasha Westropp, 23, is Miss Earth Samoa 2014. Standing at 5’11″, she works as an insurance officer.

Sicilia Makisi - Miss Earth Tonga 2014
Miss Earth Tonga 2014 is 5’7″ Sicilia Makisi. This 21-year-old student also works as a sales representative.

The three girls were handpicked by Mr. Tito Lavashe Couture-Stowers, the national director for Miss Earth Fiji, Samoa & Tonga.
“It is important for the world to see and find out more about the smaller nations in the Pacific Oceans,” Miss Earth Pacific says on its Facebook page. “Support our team by following our journey. We may be mall in size but together we can make a loud bang.”

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